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Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 26

It's the Jae Seo edition of the Amazin' Avenue podcast, and Rob joins me to talk about Ike Davis, Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, and—perhaps most importantly—Josh Satin.

Runtime: 1:19:50


0:00 to 5:40: Intro / which Daily Show correspondent best fits Rob? / Duaner Sanchez was acquired for Jae Seo / Vinegar Bend Mizell once wore number 26 for the Mets

5:40 to 22:50: Ike Davis is back! / could he have any trade value in the near future? / what happens to Josh Satin? / what's important is that the Mets figure out first base for 2014 / Rob's still on the Jordany Valdespin bandwagon

22:50 to 45:30: Zack Wheeler hasn't been great yet / be patient / Rob compares him to other top pitching prospects / Matt Harvey's still great / Harvey has to start the All Star Game, right? / Futures Game talk / B-Mets in New Britain the weekend after the ASG / Cesar Puello! / the Mets have played .500-ish baseball for a while / 31 flavors of Mets disappointment

45:30 to 1:03:10: TRAID talk / mostly about Bobby Parnell / Nick Castellanos would look good in Vegas / Rob would buy a Castellanos jersey for obvious reasons / there's never been a McShane in MLB / Scott Hairston wasn't selling any tickets last year

1:03:10 to 1:19:50: Mailbag!

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