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Mets Morning News: Josh Satin continues to steal the hearts of millions, also bases

In which Hefner Day rivals Harvey Day, Scott Hairston is on the move, and the Phillies do away with all shenanigans.


Meet the Mets

Wrapping up three games of baseball that will not be featured in the next Tom Emanski video, the Mets took the rubber game of their set with the Brewers, 2-1. Jeremy Hefner continues to be a revelation on the mound, while Josh Satin made the most of his not-a-platoon-per-Terry-Collins platoon with Ike Davis. Is there anything Josh Satin can't do? Well, besides slide properly. HAIL!

Greg Prince gets to recap another Mets win over at Faith and Fear. He too has noticed that Hefner is kind of good, which is better than the alternative most days.

Very important work is being done over at The Daily Stache. Very important work.

And in case you missed it, yesterday morning the Matt Harvey Body Issue photos leaked to the Daily News. I am inspired to do like a million squats, you guys.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan looked back at the last All-Star Game in the borough of Queens, featuring Keith Hernandez's first spring training roommate.

Around the NL East

The Phillies took two of three from the Braves, saving their season probably. Ruben Amaro should totally go out and trade Jesse Biddle of Makiel Franco for a middle reliever now, because Phily is only one piece away from making a playoff run. Go for it, Ruben!

Over at Crashburn Alley, Bill Baer identifies the point where things started to go horribly wrong for the Phillies. Nothing a blockbuster deadline deal can't fix, Ruben.

This headline pretty much speaks for itself.

Talking Chop thinks that the All-Star voting was fair to the Braves. But Freddie Freeman's going to win like eleven batting titles. I have no strong feelings on the Puig vs. Freeman thing, because I have no strong feelings on the All-Star Game. I did order a Puig Destroyer shirt though, so Puig it is.

The Marlins finally dropped a series. No seriously, those words are all in the right order in that last sentence. The Cards eeked out a 3-2 win as Jose Fernandez struggled with his control. Giancarlo Stanton is not helping things at the moment either.

The Nationals swept the Padres out of town in a wild 11-7 slugest Sunday. They also are on the verge of adding one-time Met, and all-the-time lefty masher, Scott Hairston.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Also, Grant Brisbee digs deeper into the past weekend's games.

David Laurila interviews brand new Royals signee Marten Gasparini, who might be the best European baseball prospect ever.

Manny Machado, #rig

And it looks like Ricky Nolasco will make his Dodger debut Tuesday.