Possible return for Parnell?


I’m sure those clubs could really tempt the Mets on Parnell — the Red Sox with the outfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr., and one of their top pitching prospects like (Rubby) De La Rosa, but that remains to be seen, and if they want to be able to compete next year, as they say they do, there’s no way they can trade him.

A scout via Bill Madden. Here is the link, because for some reason SB Nation won't let me add hyperlink. If the Mets could get Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rubby de la Rosa in exchange for Parnell, I would be ecstatic. I would be extremely happy if the Mets could get even just one of them for Parnell. How ridiculous does it seem that the Mets could get one or both for Parnell?