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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 18

Without David Wright, the Mets' lineup looks pretty bad. At least Wilmer Flores had a good first week.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets haven't been all that good at hitting this year, and this week was no exception. There were, as usual, some good performances mixed in, but there was plenty of bad. For the season, the Mets' 92 wRC+ is tied with the Twins and Diamondbacks for 19th in baseball.

This week's player meter covers games from August 5 through 11.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Mike Baxter, OF He didn’t play too much but hit just .200/.200/.200 when he did.
Andrew Brown, OF Brown’s pinch-hit home run yesterday proved to be the difference in the Mets’ win, and it gave him a 1.666 OPS for the week. #HAIL?
John Buck, C Buck’s .650 OPS was better than some of his weeks, but it still left something to be desired.
Marlon Byrd, RF Byrd’s .762 OPS over these games wasn’t quite as good as his the rest of his season, but it’s far from terrible for a hitter in 2013.
Ike Davis, 1B So, uh, Ike Davis hit .538/.727/.846, and he was good last week, too. I did not think he’d get a fireball ever again, but here we are.
Lucas Duda, OF/1B Duda hasn't been doing so well in his rehab assignment and was activated from the DL but optioned to Vegas.
Wilmer Flores, 3B -- In his first week in the big leagues, Flores hit .261/.320/.435 with a home run. And his hits almost always came with men on base, as he plated 9 runs.
Juan Lagares, CF In one of his best weeks of the year, Lagares continued to play very good defense in center and hit .320 with a .906 OPS. He’s still a ways from proving himself for the long term, but he has been great lately.
Daniel Murphy, 2B Dude hit .240 with no walks and no extra-base hits. Yikes.
Omar Quintanilla, SS The Mets must be really down on Ruben Tejada. Quintanilla’s .176 OBP this week was awful, even for a shortstop.
Anthony Recker, C Like Buck, Recker’s .679 OPS for the week was better than some of his other weeks, but it’s still .679.
Josh Satin, 1B Satin barely played, but he had a .933 OPS. All of those digits are multiples of three, if you’re looking to work 666 in there somehow.
Justin Turner, IF With a 1.400 OPS in 5 PA, Turner trolled really well.
David Wright, 3B Despite a good week from Wilmer Flores, Wright's bat is sorely missed in the lineup.
Eric Young, LF Young’s .317 OPS this week would be below average if it were an OBP.