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Mets Morning News: The wonderful thing about Tigers (is that Tigers are no longer in Queens)

In which we are too depressed for our usual introductory spiel here.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Meet the Mets

The Mets were all set up for a dramatic, come-from-behind walkoff win yesterday. They were only down a run and had the meat of their order due up in the bottom of the ninth. All they had to do was hold the Tigers scoreless in the top of the ninth, and they would have a great chance to salvage the last game of their series with the defending AL champs.


At least Travis d'Arnaud hit his first career home run yesterday, giving the Mets their one, brief lead of the series. I am pretty sure that was the only good thing that happened all weekend.

Color Greg Prince suitably impressed with Miguel Cabrera and company. By the way, did you know that Rick Porcello now has more wins than Matt Harvey this season? Okay, I'll stop now.

Speaking of the Harv, he mentioned that he was starting to feel fatigued after Saturday's start, so it will be up to Terry Collins to manage his innings down the stretch. What could possbily go wrong? All right, now I am really done.

Around the NL East

Roy Halladay is here to save the Phillies season, you guys! Wait, what? They are how many games out? Well, I am not buying that the Phillies are dead.

The Braves salvaged the last game of their series with the Cardinals, and more important to them at this point, did not have any players suffer season-ending injuries.

The Nationals bid for a sweep of the Royals was undone by some shoddy defense. On the plus side, Denard Span's Mom has fixed his swing. Maybe she can do something for Victor Zambrano.

And the Marlins lost again. In other breaking news, Jeffrey Loria: Still a jerk.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: The Orioles are closing the gap in the wild card race.

Jeff Sullivan is back with his weekly dose of the worst swings and worst pitches over the past week of baseball.

And Howard Megdal profiles Jeremy Bonderman, who is trying to resurrect his career in the Tigers bullpen.