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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 32

It's a rather funereal installment of Amazin' Avenue Audio this week. In the Jon Matlack edition, Rob and Jeffrey break down the breakdown of Mets ace, Matt Harvey and what it means for the Mets (and their young pitching prospects) going forward. Then, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus joins the podcast to give us the lowdown on the newest Mets prospect, Dilson Herrera. Finally, it's email time of course. Jeffrey auditions for a role as WFAN drive-time caller #11, Rob #haslobby for Bruce Chen, and we talk about Robert Gsellman and other Brooklyn Cyclones of note in our prospect of the week segment.

Run Time: 1:29:48


0:00- 34:07: Intro / Rob and Jeffrey are a little blue / Matt Harvey's elbow isn't working / Could this have been prevented? / What does it mean for the 2013 offseason and 2014 Mets? / Rob thinks that this means the young pitching is too valuable to trade / Jeffrey wonders if it is too risky to keep / Jeffrey apologizes for that whole Marlon Byrd rant thing.

34:07- 49:18 Jason Parks on Dilson Herrera / What did the Mets get in Herrera? / How does he fit into the Mets system? / SAL smackdown: Herrera vs. Nimmo / The Pirates POV on the deal / Jason says some nice things about Noah Syndergaard

49:18- 1:29:48: Housekeeping / Keep those iTunes reviews coming / The podcast gets a Velvet Underground comp / Rob is seriously a 50-year-old man / Offseason strategy / Jeffrey from Wethersfield, you're on the FAN / Robert Gsellman and some other interesting Cyclones / Jeffrey has to go on a pro wrestling podcast now / Outro

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And tune in next week for more Mets talk on Amazin' Avenue Audio.