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Mets GIF Of The Game: Daniel Murphy jumps with Ike Davis, Nationals fan video bombs Kevin Burkhardt

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Murphy jumps with Ike Davis

With one out in the bottom of the ninth of last night's Mets-Nationals game, Ian Desmond lined out to Ike Davis at first base. Davis had to leap slightly to make the grab, and the SNY booth had a nice chuckle at second baseman Daniel Murphy s attempt to apparently will Davis to the catch by leaping himself.

Nationals fan video bombs Kevin Burkhardt

As SNY returned from break for the bottom of the fifth, they cut to Kevin Burkhardt discussing John Buck's influence on Travis d'Arnaud in spring training. In particular, Buck encouraged d'Arnaud to begin a daily routine involving muscle stimulation, warming up, and stretching. Viewers likely heard none of this, though, as some cretinous Nationals fan was so eager to get his mug on TV that he spent the whole segment gesticulating like a caged buffoon behind Kevin.

You can see the fifteen-second director's cut in full size here (~25 MB) or in smaller size here.

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