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Mets GIF Of The Game: Keith Hernandez chows down, Scott Atchison leaps, Eric Young dives

Nom nom.
Nom nom.

In the bottom of the sixth inning of yesterday's Mets-Royals game, Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen were chatting about the Mets' signature meatball hero, which Keith was about to sample for himself. And sample it he did, with a fork because Keith is a refined gastronomer who doesn't constrain himself to your idea of the right way and wrong way to eat a hero.

To wit:

You can download a smaller, more sharable version here.

Elsewhere, 80-year-old-looking Scott Atchison showed off his heretofore unknown vertical skills:

And finally, Eric Young robs Alex Gorden of a would-be hit in the second inning:

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