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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 34

In the "Go Big Pelf" edition of the podcast, Rob is back to talk about "[Stuff] My GM Says." What do we make of Sandy's public thrashing of Ruben Tejada? What does an Ike Davis non-non-tender mean? And how much money is actually being put aside for free agents? Of course we also answer your e-mails on the perilous prospects of a Shin-Soo Choo deal, offseason free agent priorities, and Josh Satin manning the outfield. Newly-minted Met Juan Centeno is your prospect of the week, and we wrap things up with good news, bad news, good news. The Mets are playing in Montreal next Spring, (that's good!) but the Mets will not be broadcast on WFAN anymore, (that's bad). Yusmeiro Petit shoved it against the Diamondbacks (that's good!), but he contains monosodium glutamate... (that's bad).

Run Time: 1:41:14


0:00- 3:33: Intro / Jeffrey butchers his monologue / Go Big Pelf? / Pelf and the Dickster: Coming to CBS this fall!

3:33- 30:09: "[Stuff] My GM Says" / Ruben Tejada: Shots fired / What happened here anyway? / Rob takes a victory lap / Armchair psychoanalysis worth exactly as much as you are paying for it / Ike Davis will be getting tendered / MOAR FIRST BASED TALK PLZ / AA Audio wears its sunglasses at night / Rob just can't quit Zach Lutz

30:09- 1:09:09: E-mailz / Shin-Soo Choo versus Corey Hart and Hunter Pence / Jeffrey is a little leery of Choo / Aren't we all on the wrong side of 30? / Mets have multiple holes to fill / Choo plays like a leadoff hitter, Pence plays like a deer with one short leg and three long legs / Ranking offseason priorities / Rob doesn't want to hear about the WOITHOB ever again / Wait, Marlon Byrd did what this year? / Jeffrey wants a shortstop, because damn is it hard to find a shortstop / Rob harbors a secret crush on J.J. Hardy / Jeffrey still wants to snag Tommy Milone / Josh Satin is probably not an outfielder, bee-tee-dub

1:09:09- 1:41:14Housekeeping / Jeffrey reads letters of praise / Prospect of the Week: Juan Centeno / Veteran catcher versus Centeno for 2014 / The Mets are going to Montreal, so Jeffrey is going to Montreal / A sad farewell to WFAN / #PETIT #PETIT #PETIT #PETIT / Outro

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