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Mets Morning News: Playing out the string

In which we enter the September of our discontent, Jose Fernandez gets his face (and bat flip) in the dictionary under #rig, and we snap our fingers for Jason Parks.

Jim McIsaac

Meet the Mets

Another Mets game, another Mets loss; and so it goes.

Another Mets game, another day closer to seeing David Wright again maybe?

Greg Prince is buying that the Mets playoff hopes are dead. Because they are, mathematically speaking.

Matt den Dekker probably would have gotten Juan Lagares's shot if he hadn't broken his wrist in Spring Training, so he looking to make the most of his September opportunity.

Zack Wheeler is making good use of these September reps to prepare himself for next season.

And Bobby Valentine said something silly.

Yesterday at AA

Rob and I worked a little blue on the most recent edition of Amazin' Avenue Audio.

And it's official: The Mets won't be on WFAN next season. Boo!

Around the NL East

ICYMI, Cliff Lee has been pretty good at pitching a baseball this year. Meanwhile, Crashburn Alley takes a look at the Phillies 2014 schedule.

Atlanta lost to Miami, 5-2, but that wasn't the fun part. Won't somebody please think of the children? Also won't somebody think of the dude that got hit in the balls by that Gattis home run?

Anthony Rendon is turning into a nice little player for the Nationals.

Around MLB

Here is all of Wednesday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: The 2013 Rays continuet o do their best 2011 Red Sox impression.

Here are some Yusmeiro Petit GIFs, because Yusmeiro Petit GIFs are awesome. BTW, Yusmeiro Petit has been the third most valuable Giants pitcher by fWAR. He has been the most valuable Giants pitcher in my heart though.

Beyond the Box Score takes a graphical at the 2013 AL MVP race, which almost makes talking about the 2013 AL MVP race tolerable. Almost.

Colin Wyers's series on Reworking WARP continues. Some nitty-gritty math in this one, but really cool (and important) to see how the sausage is made. And for the liberal arts majors, Jason Parks wrote a slam poem about the Arizona Fall League.