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This Week In SNY, featuring Jerry Seinfeld trying to stump Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez eating a meatball sub, and Reverend Kevin Burkhardt

A weekly look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home, this week featuring Jerry Seinfeld trying to stump Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez eating a meatball sub, and Reverend Kevin Burkhardt.

The Mets are tanking but This Week In SNY is finishing strong (we hope). Let's get to it.

Thursday, July 25th

In observance of Amazin' Avenue's "no religion" policy, TWISNY will refrain from further comment:


(hat tip @itsmetsforme)

Wednessday, July 31st

Jerry Seinfeld was chosen to try to "Stump Gary." This is the feature where a Mets trivia question is selected from submissions on Twitter and Gary Cohen tries to answer it (it also resembles our old idea for an SNY show, "Get After Gary Cohen"). Here was Jerry's question:


Gary knew the answer: Karl Ehrhardt, AKA "Sign Man". From Wikipedia, additional info about Sign Man:

Karl Ehrhardt was one of the New York Mets' most visible fans and an icon at Shea Stadium from its opening in 1964 through 1981. Known as the "Sign Man," Ehrhardt held up 20-by-26-inch black cardboard signs with sayings in big white (sometimes orange) upper-cased paper characters that reflected the Mets' performance on the field, and echoed the fans' sentiments off of it.

Here is a picture of Sign Man doing his thing:


Saturday, August 3rd

Keith Hernandez scarfed down a meatball sub from Citi Field using a fork and knife:

George Costanza: How do you eat it? With your hands?


Wednesday, August 7th

This season's SNY Kidcaster winner was Johnny Gadamowitz:


Johnny was quite the little charmer, and he had the good fortune of appearing during Matt Harvey's complete-game shutout against the Rockies. Also, notice a TWISNY favorite: Ron Darling sitting in the "high chair" to accommodate the guest in the booth.

Keith and Ron sat behind home plate to get a closer view of the action, something they've done in past seasons as well:


Fans of Inglourious Basterds will recognize that Keith is ordering three whiskeys:


Thursday, August 8th

It's time for Nitpicking With TWISNY. While "Yorvit Torrealba" isn't the easiest name to spell, there's still no excuse for getting it wrong:


SNY thought Eric Young, Jr. was leading off the next inning but in reality he wasn't in the lineup that night (August 14th):


SNY spelled "Germen" correctly, but flipped the order of Gonzalez Germen's name:


Here's another "knocked out in the first round of the spelling bee" mistake:


Friday, August 9th

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin relayed a story about his new job as wedding officiant, with some prodding from Gary Cohen:


Gary Cohen: Kevin had the honor last Sunday of being the officiant at a wedding of a friend of his. What did you have to do to qualify to officiate at a wedding?

Kevin Burkhardt: You send in $100 to the online church of whatever and you're qualified. It's actually quite easy. I didn't know it was that simple. It was a really nice honor, two really good friends asked me to do it. It was a fun wedding. A couple places do it online. You have to make sure that each state accepts it. This particular wedding was in Florida. Send them your check, and you're good! I signed the marriage license and everything!

Keith Hernandez: Can we call you reverend now?

Kevin Burkhardt: I would like to be addressed as that from now on. This report brought to you by Reverend Kevin Burkhardt.

Gary Cohen: Rev Kev!

Tuesday, August 13th

We can't help but think Clayton Kershaw was flipping us all the middle finger during this pre-game segment with Kevin:


Ain't that right, Clayton?


Saturday, August 31st

Kevin is ready for his close-up:

Also, Kevin is apparently a fan of TWISNY:

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material (that includes you, Kevin!). Have a great weekend everyone!