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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 35

In the "Rick Reed is accosted by autograph-seeking mooks" edition, Matthew Callan slips into the co-host seat to commiserate about the Mets September swoon. After that, we discuss his new book, Hang a Crooked Number, and answer your e-mails on how the Mets can spend their way into contention, who's the best prospect in team history, and what to do about the bullpen (again).

Run Time: 1:50:16


0:00- 9:20: Intro / Rick Reed in On the Waterfront / A discussion of the history of shirtseys / Tales of finding Mets gear in CT in the 1990s

9:20- 36:50: On September swoons and seasonal depression / No Donny, these men are nihilists / Matt Harvey's elbow has got us all down / "I don't mean to pick on Royals fans" / This is tough baseball to watch

36:50- 55:57: Matt has a book! / Dust jacket synopsis / Researching the baseball and spy worlds / The New York City of the book / More spy tales in the future?

55:57- 1:50:16: E-mails / Prospect of the Week Classic / Tough to compare prospects between eras / Gooden's baseball-reference page is kind of pornographic / "But to get back to David's question..." / Remember Alex Escobar? / Fun with Diamond Mines / It's probably Gooden / Well, maybe it's Strawberry, you can't really go wrong / "I said I wouldn't read your manifesto on-air...but this is pretty close to a manifesto" / The Mets could spend their way into contention / What would it take to get the Wilpons out? / Mets bullpen talk / BREAKING: Relievers are volatile / Housekeeping / Outro

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And tune in next week for what I am sure will be a totally relevant MLB playoff preview on Amazin' Avenue Audio.