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Matt Harvey had awkward interview with Dan Patrick

The young, injured ace talked about Qualcomm but didn't answer questions about his elbow.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Matt Harvey made an appearance on Dan Patrick's radio show this morning, but it didn't go smoothly. A day after his press conference appearance with Sandy Alderson, Harvey did a round of interviews today to promote Fantasking, an initiative by Qualcomm, an electronics company that's been more active than most people realize and had a pretty crazy keynote at this year's CES.

And this being radio in 2013, there's video of the interview on Patrick's end.

A few hours after the interview, Harvey acknowledged that things didn't go well on Twitter.

That pretty much sums it up. Harvey's a 24-year-old baseball player who has undoubtedly spent the past few weeks worrying about the state of his right elbow. While he's opting for rehab instead of surgery for now, it's certainly possible that his program won't go well and he'll end up under the knife anyways.

As far as gaffes go, this is a pretty minor one. Dan Patrick probably isn't happy with Matt Harvey, but there's no reason that Mets fans should pay it much attention. As Craig Calcaterra points out at Hardball Talk, these sponsored interviews are fairly common. Considering the only thing Harvey's supposed to be doing right now is not throwing a baseball, there's nothing wrong with him botching a promotional interview.