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Ruben Tejada breaks leg, is out for the season

Not long after rejoining the Mets, Tejada suffered a season-ending injury.

Maddie Meyer

Ruben Tejada broke his leg during the Mets' win against the San Francisco Giants this evening. In the top of the ninth inning, Tejada went back to make a catch—which he did—and had to jump over teammate Andrew Brown. Tejada didn't leave the game immediately, but he was pinch hit for in the bottom half of the inning as the Mets rallied to win the game. He is now, of course, out for the rest of the season.

In just 227 plate appearances in the big leagues this year, Tejada really struggled. He hit .202/.259/.260, a slash line that equates to a .236 wOBA and 47 wRC+, both of which are poor even by the lowly standards of shortstops. After starting the year with the Mets, he was demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas, where he hit just .288/.337/.379 in an extreme hitter's ballpark and league.

Tejada's work ethic has consistently been questioned by the Mets, most recently by general manager Sandy Alderson during an interview on WFAN. Tejada was also called out by Mets manager Terry Collins for failing to show up early to spring training in 2012.

Despite the Mets' reservations about Tejada, he's still just 23 years old and was probably called up to the big leagues much earlier than he should have been in 2010. But given his age and his track record of moderate big league success in 2011 and 2012, there's still a chance he could be a long-term option at short for the Mets. They'll just have to wait until next year to see him play more.