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Mets Morning News: The best ever death metal bat out of Berkeley will in time both outpace and outlive you


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Maddie Meyer

Meet the Mets

My phone died at bowling during the seventh inning of the Mets game last night. So imagine my surprise when the first thing that popped up while I charged it on the car ride home was a video notification from At-Bat simply saying "Satin's walk-off single." HAIL!

But it wasn't all fun and games and pies last night, as shortstop Ruben Tejada suffered a season-ending injury, breaking his leg after an awkward collision with Andrew Brown on a pop-up. The Mets announced this morning that Wilfredo Tovar will be called up to give the Mets some depth up the middle for the last two weeks of the season.

Looks like Zack Wheeler will get two more starts for the Mets this year, which means you probably have one more shot to catch him at Citi Field.

The Mets other young pitching star, Matt Harvey (remember him), had a bit of a rough day yesterday. Hope you got all your Qualcomm jokes in during the twenty-minute period when they were actually funny. Frankly, Matt Harvey can change his name to Qualcomm Qualcomm as long as he keeps doing this.

Also no longer funny: The constantly shifting payroll target for 2014.

And Baseball America named Rafael Montero and Wilmer Flores as the Mets pitcher and player of the year. No real quibbles here, good balance of performance and prospect status. Over at Mets Minor League Blog Toby Hyde takes a look at Montero's case versus Syndergaard's.

Yesterday at AA

We released Amazin' Avenue Audio Episode 35 yesterday, featuring Matthew Callan talking September swoons, his new book, and the best prospects in Mets history.

Around the NL East

The Phillies coughed one up against the Marlins, in part because Giancarlo Stanton sent a baseball into low earth orbit.

The Good Phight looks at the early returns from the 2013 draft, and Crashburn Alley wonders why Chase Utley is no longer a baseball magnet.

The Braves stopped the Nationals hot streak with a comfortable 5-2 win that was not without some controversy. Shocking that CB Bucknor was involved.

If the Nationals want to stay in the Wild Card race, they may be doing it without the assistance of Stephen Strasburg.

Around MLB

Here's all of yesterday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: The AL Wild Card race is getting a bit bonkers. Worth noting that leaving a LHP in to face Desmond Jennings (and presumably Zobrist) in a high-leverage spot should probably be a fireable offense.

Billy Hamilton is fast. Yup, faster than that.

Baseball Nation brings you a collection of ten obscure baseball songs from Time Life Music. The lack of "Cubs in Five" by The Mountain Goats makes me sad.

Eno Sarris chatted with Mike Trout about WAR, because Eno has the awesomest job.

If you have a beard you can get into a Red Sox game for a dollar, and Ted Berg is ON IT!

And Beyond the Box Score creates a Best Supporting Actor award for baseball.