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The 2013 Mets mini calendar

Turner Licensing

Last offseason, a company called Turner Licensing released an officially licensed mini team calendar for the 2013 Mets. Yours truly received this totally-sanctioned-by-MLB mini calendar from his in-laws as a stocking-stuffer this past Christmas. Even at the time, less than three months after the curtain fell on the 2012 season, the calendar was woefully out-of-date. With four weeks remaining in the 2013 season, the calendar is downright ludicrous.

(click to embiggen)

January — Jason Bay: Released.
February — Jon Niese: Still alive.
March — Josh Thole: Traded.
April — Andres Torres: Non-tendered.
May — R.A. Dickey: Traded.
June — David Wright: Probably out for the season.
July — Lucas Duda: Injured/demoted.
August — Ruben Tejada: Injured/demoted.
September — Johan Santana: Out for the season.
October — Daniel Murphy: Still Daniel Murphy.
November — Mike Pelfrey: Non-tendered.
December — Ike Davis: Demoted.