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The best Mets pitching prospects I saw this year: #15 Persio Reyes

The countdown of the best Mets prospects we saw in 2013 starts with Kingsport righthander, Persio Reyes.

J. Paternostro

Disclaimer (because someone will ask why a player I didn't see isn't on this list): This is a ranking of the best Mets prospects I saw in person this year. This is not a comprehensive Mets prospect list. I did not see Las Vegas, St. Lucie or the GCL team this year. If a player is not on the list, it is most likely because I did not see him. Otherwise, all rankings are consistent with how I would order the players within the Mets system. Oh yeah, and I am not a scout.

15. Persio Reyes, RHP

6'2", 151 lbs

Bats/Throws: R/R

Age: (as of Opening Day 2014) 21

Acquired: International free agent, 2010

2013: 57.1 IP, 21.4% K, 6.2% BB, 51 H, 2 HR for Kingsport (R)

Date(s) seen: 8/11/13 @ Greenville Astros: 6 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 4 K, HBP

The short of it: Hyper-raw arm that can reach back for 93-94, but can also fit into those skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters.

The long of it: Somehow I sat on Kingsport for four games this year and missed Rob Whalen and Chris Flexen (TRAID), but Reyes was by far the best of the starters I saw down there. Ynoaish mechanics (high leg kick, full leg extension before foot strike) from a dude even skinnier than Gabriel Ynoa. He's listed at 6’2", 150 and I believe it. Unlike Ynoa has to really reach back for the top end of his velocity. It's a high effort delivery from a three-quarters armslot, and he lands very stiffly and tends to fall off to the first base side. He does get good extension for a pitcher his size though. Fastball started out 89-93, sat 90-92 and touched 94 on one gun, but was down to 86-91 by his last inning of work. Fastball command comes and goes due to issues repeating/finishing the delivery. Showed a slider at 85-87, but it’s flat and only served to speed up Greeneville’s bats. Reyes was confident enough in the pitch to throw it behind in the count, but couldn’t miss barrels, and that's worrisome (everyone gets swings and misses with their breaking balls at this level). Some projection left in his frame, and he could definitely stand to add about 30 pounds of good weight, but he's not young for rookie ball. Pitches like a reliever and is probably better suited to that kind of short-burst role.

The projection: Up-and-down middle reliever

Risk Factor: Very high. Needs large grade jumps on both command and slider, no guarantee he gets out of A-ball.

What’s next: Reyes will need another year in extended Spring Training and short-season ball to refine command and secondaries. He will likely remain a starter for now with an assignment to Brooklyn next Summer.

What I'll be looking for in 2014: Holding velocity deeper into starts, improvements to the slider.