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Hunter Pence signs five-year extension with San Francisco Giants

One of the Mets' options to upgrade the outfield this winter is off the table.

Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco Giants have signed Hunter Pence to a five-year$90 million contract extension. With that, Sandy Alderson can cross Pence's name off the list of free agents that might make sense for the Mets to sign this winter.

As awkward as Pence looks playing baseball, he would undoubtedly been an upgrade in one of the corner outfield spots for the Mets. He's hitting .282/.339/.481 this year, good for a 132 wRC+. For his career, Pence has a 119 wRC+, and he's been roughly a three-to-four win player by Fangraphs WAR every season of his career except last year.

Even with a very good five months of production from Marlon Byrd, the Mets' outfield has hit just .239 with a .689 OPS this season. The major league average outfielder has hit .262 with a .743 OPS.

Basically, this means the Mets should just bring back Carlos Beltran on a one- or two-year deal.