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2014 MLB draft order

The Mets will have that much-ballyhooed protected first round draft pick in 2014.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 season officially ending for the Mets today, the reverse standings are set in stone and the 2014 MLB draft order—pending any compensatory team changes—is now available. The New York Mets will pick in the top ten for the first time since Matt Harvey was picked seventh in 2010. While having a top ten talent in what is expected to be a strong MLB draft is nice, there is renewed hope that the Mets will actually spend some money on free agents this offseason. That could mean a big bat that will help shore up what has basically been a light-hitting offense for a while now.

Here is the selection order for the first round of the 2014 MLB draft:

1. Astros (51-111)
2. Marlins (62-100)
3. White Sox (63-99)
4. Cubs (66-96)
5. Twins (66-96)
6. Mariners (71-91)
7. Phillies (73-89)
8. Rockies (74-88)
9. Blue Jays (74-88)
10. Mets (74-88)
11. Blue Jays (for failing to sign the #10 pick this year)
12. Brewers (74-88)
13. Padres (76-86)
14. Giants (76-86)
15. Angels (78-84)
16. Diamondbacks (81-81)
17. Orioles (85-77)
18. Yankees (85-77)
19. Royals (86-76)
20. Nationals (86-76)
21. Reds (90-72)
22. Rays (91-71)
23. Rangers (91-71)
24. Indians (92-70)
25. Dodgers (92-70)
26. Tigers (93-69)
27. Pirates (94-68)
28. Athletics (96-66)
29. Braves (96-66)
30. Red Sox (97-65)
31. Cardinals (97-65)

Whith names like Shin-Soo Choo and former Met Carlos Beltran are available as corner outfielders, the Mets will have some nice options to choose from if they're interested in adding a big bat. As for the draft, the class is considered to be stronger than the last two years with many intriguing names like outfielder Derek Fisher, shortstop Jacob Gatewood, outfielder Braxton Davidson, and left-handed pitcher Sean Newcomb, among others. With the playoffs starting without the Mets for the seventh year in a row, fans will undoubtedly heat up the hot stove early as usual.

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