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Mets Morning News: Matsuzaka is slow, Mets lose, Aaron Harang signed

New York Mets related news and links for September 3, 2013


Yesterday's Mets game was on of the least watchable games I can ever remember tuning in for. The starting lineup featured Andrew Brown as cleanup hitter, the Braves jumped on the Mets for six runs in the first two innings, and I could probably write this entire post in the time between Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches. It ended in a 13-5 loss, the video highlights aren't much easier to watch than the game, and the box score can be found here.

It's likely Matsuzaka will remain in the rotation for now, and it looks as if he'll soon be joined by Aaron Harang. The Mets signed Harang with Zack Wheeler nearing his innings limit.

In other Mets pitching news, it was nice to see Tim Byrdak back in a Mets uniform yesterday.

Yesterday at AA

We had Labor Day performance meters for both hitters and pitchers yesterday.

Aaron previewed the series against the Braves.

Who would have thought Mets fans buying a 2013 mini-calendar would get excited for October?

Around Baseball

Who isn't buying that the Phillies are dead? They beat the Nats yesterday to keep themselves just 21 games out of first.

The Marlins also won yesterday, defeating the Cubs 4-3.

The A's regained a share of the division lead with a victory over the Rangers.

If you can't keep track of every single September callup, MLB Daily Dish has you covered.

Jose Fernandez is a pretty good pitcher, in case you didn't notice.