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Mets have ability to offer $100 million contract, but may still reduce payroll

Sandy Alderson discusses the Mets' finances and free agency.

Andrew Burton

Earlier today in an interview with WFAN, Mets GM Sandy Alderson stated that the team will be able to offer a $100 million contract to a free agent while still possibly reducing payroll to under 2013's $74 million. Alderson, when asked about the possibility of signing a big-name player, offered:

"Would it be the right player? And would it be prudent to do it, even for the right player? Factor in what's left to do the kind of things we want to do. But is it out of the question? It's not out of the question."

Alderson said that the Mets would have a "substantial amount" of money available, but added that he may have reservations about making a long-term, large-scale deal based on the possibility of such a deal not panning out and consequentially the team financially for years to come. Alderson did leave some room for fans to be optimistic about payroll expansion, saying, "At the same time, at some point, you’ve got to go for it. Having flexibility is great, but at some point, you’ve got to put yourself on the line." Alderson added, "I think now we’re entering a new phase where the short-term becomes somewhat more important than the long-term. And that’s how we’re going to go at it."

With players such as Shin-Soo Choo, and Jacoby Ellsbury hitting the open market, Alderson suggested that aggressiveness in fixing the outfield and offensive problems would be the key to the offseason. "We’re gonna be aggressive. We’re gonna play the market, see what’s there." Alderson also did not rule out the possibility of a trade.

Despite the talk of possibly reducing payroll, Alderson confirmed Francesa's notion that "the future is now," and that although the team has already discussed finances internally, much is yet to be determined in the coming weeks by the market, and the decision-making of the Fred and Jeff Wilpon at the Mets' upcoming organizational meetings in Florida.