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This Week In SNY, Part Three, featuring Gary Cohen storming the field, a game of "Where's Kevin?", and David Wright the human wedding bouquet

A look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home. Part three of four this week.

Kevin's entourage
Kevin's entourage

After the conclusion of this week's four-part catch-up series, we plan to continue with a weekly TWISNY post through the remainder of the season. So that means four more installments of TWISNY. Now let's get to part three.

Tuesday, May 21st

Gary Cohen reminisced about storming the Shea Stadium field in 1973:


Gary Cohen: I was trying to stay out of trouble but I was there. I don't know how you'd find me in that crowd, but my 15-year-old self is in there somewhere. I was on the field after they beat the Braves in 1969 and I got a piece of turf from that. I didn't get any turf from 1973, because frankly it was a little scary out there. It was a very different vibe.

Wednesday, May 29th

A former Mets manager was hanging out in a skybox at Yankee Stadium for the Subway Series:


Looks like he prefers Stella Artois to champagne these days.

Saturday, June 1st

Let's check in with Kevin! SNY has grown fond of long zoom shots during Kevin's reports. It allows us to play a game of "Where's Kevin?" See if you can spot him here:


Click here for the answer, and click here for a close up shot of Kevin for perspective.

Wednesday, June 5th

This shot of the booth is noteworthy because it has the elusive infinite regress monitor on the right-hand side of the screen. With a good enough microscope we would be able to see Gary and Ron infinitely:


In the same way golfers change caddies, Kevin Burkhardt changes bodyguards. Here is a shot of Kevin with his former bodyguard:


And here's Kevin with his new bodyguard (in the orange shirt):


Kevin would like to thank his former bodyguard for his service, and looks forward to many safe seasons ahead.

Saturday, June 8th

David Wright, human wedding bouquet. Sorry everyone, he's taken!:


It's time for Nitpicking With TWISNY. Hey SNY, it's spelled "season," not "seaosn." And you are eliminated from the spelling bee on the first word of the competition:


SNY forgot to include the June 17th game against the Braves on its pocket schedule:


For the second season in a row, SNY listed left-handed batting Anthony Rizzo as a righty:


It's "strikes," not "stirkes":


(hat tip @ruhee_)

Either Josh Satin has defected to the Braves, or SNY messed up:


(hat tip bjk3047)

Tuesday, June 11th

The look on Ike Davis' face here during an interview with Andy Martino just about sums up Ike's season:


Friday, June 14th

John Buck left a message of love for his former teammate and Cubs leadoff hitter David DeJesus:


Or maybe Buck was just trying to mess with DeJesus and get in his head. If that's the case, it didn't work; DeJesus hit a three-run triple in the second inning.

Last season, Gary Cohen had some fun in the pre-game introduction, dropping as many REO Speedwagon song titles as possible to honor the band's post-game concert that night. Here's how it went:

Gary Cohen: At Citi Field in New York, PIX11 Sports presents New York Mets baseball. Tonight the Mets play the Cincinnati Reds. When the Mets last left New York, they were riding the storm out, trying to get themselves right. Now they can't fight this feeling that they're right back in the race. Trying to keep the fire burning as they return home to Citi Field to take on the Cincinnati Reds. Did we mention there's a post-game concert?

The band Foreigner showed up to Citi Field this season, and Gary was at it again:

Gary Cohen: I don't want to play head games with you, but it feels like the first time that the Cubs are in town this year to play the Mets. The Mets have been cold as ice for most of the season. But Mets fans, they're still hot blooded for their team. The season begins to get urgent tonight.

Well played, Gary.


Monday, June 17th

Gary Cohen and Ron Darling had lots of time to kill during a four-hour rain delay in Atlanta. Here's a time lapse of what they did during the delay:

That's all for now. Check back tomorrow for part four. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material.