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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 33

In the "How do you say no to Matt Harvey" edition, Chris and Jeffrey show some #slack and spend an hour answering your sb_emails. On the agenda: Another discussion about Wally Backman's managerial bonafides, a consideration of the Mets first base situation, ruminations on Rafael Montero, why you should never go in against a Beane when prospects are on the line, and some yelling about Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

Run Time: 1:05:23


0:00- 4:17: Intro / "Charlie O'Brien's Magic Perm" was a close runner-up this week / Additions to the GKR drinking game / Sixto Lecano name drop / Whatever happened to our John Maine shirseys / Jeffrey screws up the e-mail address again

4:17- 16:45: Jeffrey misspells Jefry Marte's name / Wally Backman's managerial bonafides, redux / #SOURCES say Terry Collins will be back / Evaluating managers / Minor League win-loss records are not a big help / Go read Gabe Kapler's piece at Baseball Prospectus

16:45- 32:30: TRAID Proposal #1: Ike Davis for Danny Espinosa / Chris and Jeffrey rank the 2014 first base options / Jeffrey is not getting a Christmas card from James Loney

32:30- 43:47: TRAID Proposal #2: Value of a Montero/Flores/den Dekker/Davis package / Geography bee / Impromptu Prospect of the week: How valuable is Rafael Montero? / Is Montero more valuable to the Mets than another organization? / Going to need some sizzle to get Carlos Gonzalez / Jeffrey's dog joins the podcast

43:47- 51:34: TRAID Proposal #3: Let's get Cespedes / Cespedes is powered by pork, not PEDs / Trading with Billy Beane scares the crap out of me / Unless you are trading for Matt Holliday / Jeffrey ruminates about buying a Lastings Milledge Yakult Swallows jersey

51:34- 1:05:23: Jeffrey calls Chris, "Rob," everybody drink / Beltran and Reyes, 20 years from now / Why are the 1999 and 2000 teams viewed differently than 2006? / Jeffrey hates this question actually, starts yelling / "Rob" tries to be diplomatic / Outro

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And tune in next week for more Mets talk and hopefully less #slack on Amazin' Avenue Audio.