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Mets Morning News: A tolerable Dice-K start? A tolerable Dice-K start

In which the Mets salvage a series (this is becoming a theme lately), Evan Gattis obliterates a baseball, and Koji Uehara shoves.

David Maxwell

Meet the Mets

It still took almost four hours, but you can't blame Dice-K this time. The righthander went 5+ strong innings, and the Mets survived another barrage of Cleveland pitching changes to salvage the last game of their series at Progressive Field.

The Mets now head home for eleven at Citi Field, starting with the Nationals tonight, on the mound will be...AAH MATT HARVEY IS GOING TO SEE DOCTOR JAMES ANDREWS! This is of course completely normal, but still not exactly a phrase you want to see...ever.

Frank Frank had some strong things to say to those who questioned how hurt he was this season. He's still not going to find much of a booster in Jason Fry though.

Josh Satin is feelin' good. And I'm feelin' good about Josh Satin. #HAIL.

Around the NL East

The Phillies completed a three-game sweep of Atlanta. You can't predict something or other. As a consolation prize for Atlanta fans, Evan Gattis did hit a baseball a long way. Unfortunately, it did not get Hamels to go full Pascucci in response.

Stephen Strasburg didn't pitch great, but Jacob Turner pitched worse, and the Nationals continue to hang around the periphery of the playoff picture, at least as far as ESPN is concerned.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: It may have taken a little bit longer than usual, but the Pirates are Pirating again.

Another great series of interviews from David Laurila, who investigates whether creating backspin is a skill.

We're fully into the "this guy should be in the MVP conversation" period of columns, because there aren't exciting playoff races to write about or something.

And Rob Neyer looks at the ridiculous work Koji Uehara has done as the Red Sox closer.