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Community Projection Review: Daniel Murphy

Did Daniel Murphy live up to expectations in 2013? Let's look back at the Amazin' Avenue community's preseason projections to find out.

Andy Lyons

Daniel Murphy community projection

PA: 589
HR: 11
BA: .297
OBP: .343
SLG: .430

Actual stats

PA: 697
HR: 13
BA: .286
OBP: .319
SLG: .415

Snippet from community projection post:

Murphy doesn't have to become Brandon Phillips with the glove to be useful. Barring an unforeseen collapse, Murph's bat all but ensures that Mets fans won't be pulling their hair out over a second base black hole. I'll set my watch to Murphy's career slash line and predict exactly that for 2013.

Murphy played more and drew more walks than the community projected, but overall, not bad.

For the second season in a row, Murphy appeared in nearly every game. He's pretty durable when he's not getting trucked by a runner at second base. There were no big surprises to his game, outside of his baserunning. His 23 stolen bases were a career-high, and his 88% success rate was Beltran-esque. His 13 home runs were also a career-high, but his isolated power was right in line with his career mark so it's not as if he had a huge power surge.

With a full season playing at second base under his belt, Murph didn't have to worry about learning a new position or competing for a starting role in 2013. The result? A similar season to 2012. Slightly above-average offense, strong baserunning, below-average defense at a semi-premium position: combine them and you get a very average season. And that's perfectly fine. I'll take a season like Murphy's 2013 from several other Mets regulars in 2014.

Trade talk has surrounded Murphy this offseason, and seemingly every offseason, for that matter. No player is absolutely untouchable in a trade, but at this point I'd be disappointed, and surprised, if he was moved. The alternatives are unappealing -- Eric Young Jr., Wilmer Flores (defensively, at least), Ruben Tejada if a shortstop is acquired -- and you can probably mark Murph down for a serviceable season like his 2012 and 2013 seasons. Keep him, even as he gets more expensive.

Check back in February to participate in the 2014 Community Projections.