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Community Projection Review: David Wright

Did David Wright live up to expectations in 2013? Let's look back at the Amazin' Avenue community's preseason projections to find out.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

David Wright community projection

PA: 607
HR: 24
BA: .301
OBP: .385
SLG: .500

Actual stats

PA: 492
HR: 18
BA: .307
OBP: .390
SLG: .514

Snippet from community projection post:

If he can continue to make regular, solid contact at the plate and pick it at third base, there's reason to believe that he'll earn that $138 million.


I'm bearish on Wright, where bearish means an All-Star caliber season and him being the most valuable player on the team.

Nice job by the community, at least for the rate stats. Wright's early-August hamstring tweak prevented him from matching the plate appearance and home run projections.

Wright more than lived up to his salary in the first year of his eight-year contract extension. Not only was he outstanding at the plate, but his defense was strong for the second season in a row. That's a welcome development, considering his glove took a dive in the seasons prior to 2012. It doesn't seem like he'll have to change positions any time soon.

As good as Wright's 2013 was, it's really a shame he missed so much time due to injury. He finished with both the best wRC+ and OPS+ of his career. So while he had previously posted higher raw wOBA and OPS figures, never had they been as good when compared to the rest of the league. Had he played most of the 45 games he missed, maybe he would have challenged his career-year 2007. No bother -- he can just do it in 2014.

Check back in February to participate in the 2014 Community Projections.