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Community Projection Review: Ruben Tejada

Did Ruben Tejada live up to expectations in 2013? **Spoiler alert** No, he did not.

Scott Cunningham

Ruben Tejada community projection

PA: 579
HR: 2
BA: .290
OBP: .347
SLG: .367

Actual stats

PA: 227
HR: 0
BA: .202
OBP: .259
SLG: .260

Snippet from community projection post:

Tejada is an average ballplayer (right now) at a premium position who costs only a pittance. Nothing wrong with that. For 2013, I think he'll rebound a bit in the walks department and double his MLB home run output.

Choose your exclamation: Woof! Yikes! Yama-hama!

Tejada had two hits on Opening Day, including a double, but it was mostly downhill after that. He didn't hit for average or power, and his walk rate was below average. The only nice thing I can say about his offense in 2013 was that he didn't strike out much. His defense was subpar as well. His range seemed worse than in prior seasons, and the six throwing errors he made were too many for a guy who started only 55 games. He went on the disabled list in late May with a quad injury, rehabbed in Triple-A Vegas for two months, and returned to the big club in September for seven games before breaking his leg in a collision with Andrew Brown. Put it all together, and Tejada deservedly won the Piazza for Worst Position Player.

It remains to be seen if Tejada's attendance at a fat camp fitness and nutrition camp this offseason will lead to "in the best shape of his life" stories this spring training. Given the front office's very public concerns about his work ethic, it's probably a good idea for him to show up looking quick and cut. I'm skeptical that some time in the weight room and at Whole Foods is enough to make a difference, though. I'm down on Tejada, and hope Stephen Drew is playing shortstop for the Mets on Opening Day.

Check back in February to participate in the 2014 Community Projections.