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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 49

In the " Hey, did you know Jon Niese was born the same day the Mets won the World Series?" edition, Rob and Jeffrey do their best to contrive a podcast out of a slow Mets news week. We talk #MetsTwitter (literally), the non-roster Spring Training invites, the 2014 Mets ZIPS projections, and English soccer for some reason. Then it is e-mail time, wherein Rob and Jeffrey have to make some hard decisions and confront their own mortality. We also discuss Dom Smith, small sample sizes, and declining offensive levels, before wrapping up with our picks for Mets players who should end up in the broadcast booth (and more soccer talk).

Run Time: 1:52:29

On this week's episode

Jeffrey has a cold.

Rob is still reading the same book.

Jeffrey answers the same questions about Sheffield Wednesday that he has been answering for years.

This week in #MetsTwitter

We discuss Zack Wheeler's love of William H. Macy.

What NRI has the best chance of making the Opening Day roster?

Mets ZIPS projections.

We answer e-mails, confront our impending mortality.

Small sample size (small sample sample size) theater.

Why are offensive levels down?

A discussion of Dominic Smith.

Why do prognosticators hate the Mets.

Jeffrey raves about soccer commentary.

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week as once again we talk about nothing for the length of four(?!) Seinfeld episodes (with commercials).