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Mets Farm System Q&A Summary

The Mets official farm system Twitter feed held an informative Q&A this afternoon chock full of prospecty goodness.

From the sound of it, there's a good chance Mets fans will get to know the Leather Rocket in 2014.
From the sound of it, there's a good chance Mets fans will get to know the Leather Rocket in 2014.
(Photo Credit: Gordon Donovan)

The Mets official farm system Twitter feed, @MetsFarmReport, held their first Q&A this afternoon. All in all, it was a relatively informative session. Obviously there was a somewhat optimistic tenor -- bordering on overconfidence -- that is to be expected when the club speaks publicly about its own players. More than a couple of tactfully general answers as well. Again, to be expected.

Now if you are anything like me and you were slaving away in the salt mines this afternoon causing you to miss said Q&A, you're in luck. Because I am a gracious and benevolent staff writer I shall reproduce all 40 or so tweets down below so that you can catch up on all of the fun.

All told we didn't necessarily learn too much more than we already knew; more than anything it's an interesting way for the team to engage a small, but growing, sub-set of the fanbase. We did, however, glean a handful of noteworthy tidbits. Here are the ones I found most interesting:

  • Sounds like 2013 first-rounder Dominic Smith has a serious shot to start his first full season with Savannah, bypassing Brooklyn -- something the last couple top picks (Cecchini and Nimmo) have not done. If he actually gets the call it would speak volumes about the advanced nature of his bat.
  • As Jeff and I discussed on this week's podcast, second baseman and Marlon Byrd return Dilson Herrera will likely get some reps at shortstop in Savannah in 2014. It makes too much sense not to try out the toolsy middle infielder at the higher value position, even if his arm is spaghetti.
  • The club sounds confident in Brandon Nimmo's ability to bounce back after what they agree/confirm was an injury-marred 2013. Interesting point about strikeout rate and the lack of swing-and-miss as Nimmo did rank third among qualified batters in the SAL in called third strikes. I may delve deeper into this one in the coming days as I don't know that I fully buy what they're trying to sell here though.
  • If the 'club source' who labeled Puello a non-prospect truly exists, he apparently wasn't in the room today.
  • Not that it's overly surprising but it's sounding more and more like the rising crop of young bullpen talent is going to make a lot of noise in spring training. Whether any of them make the club out of camp or not we're going to learn a lot more about guys like Mazzoni, Walters, Goeddel, Bradford, et al. in 2014.
  • Mejia is a starter. Period.
  • They seem to gloss over lefty reliever Jack Leathersich's control problems a little bit. Granted, the take on higher levels/tough environment (i.e. Vegas) is valid. However, even in St. Lucie back in 2012 he was walking over 10% of batters faced. I don't think it's a fatal flaw but I do think he's going to take some time -- maybe years -- to make it all work in the show. Wish someone would have asked about his reverse splits and the subsequent plans for usage.
  • As dedicated as ever to the Wilmer-at-second experiment. As they should be. The club is going to need to be creative to find extra value this season and that may be one way to do so. Plus, he's going to be so fast after all that speed work.
  • As we would have expected catcher Kevin Plawecki starts in Double-A Binghamton.
  • Interesting to hear their sleeper picks. You can read our write-ups on guys like Flexen, Bashlor, Whalen, and Jacquez in the Kingsport Mets 2013 Season in Review.