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Friday Mets Mind Boggler: How many 2006 Mets players can you name?

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Forgive us for depressing you, but the 2006 season got underway nearly eight years ago. That was the Mets' last truly great season, as they fell one game short of the playoffs the following two years and haven't come close to sniffing a postseason spot ever since. But enough with the depressing facts: How many of the great 2006 Mets can you name?

The Mets used 49 players during the 2006 season, 27 of whom were pitchers. For this quiz, you have two hints: the player's primary position—UTIL is used for those players who truly didn't have one—and either his on-base percentage (hitters) or ERA (pitchers). Without looking it up, of course, see how many you can name from memory. In the spirit of 2006, you have six minutes.

How many 2006 Mets players can you name?

As always, you need only enter the player's last name (no spaces) to get a correct answer. Good luck, and please post your time and score in the comments!