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Mets Mind Boggler: Most efficient base stealers in team history

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Patrick McDermott

Dive in to the history of Mets stolen bases, and you'll find plenty of quirky data. Since the team's inception, 69 players have stolen at least one base and never been caught stealing. Of that group, Manny Alexander's 11 stolen bases were the most. Paul Lo Duca went 5-for-5, and Kelly Stinnett and Tom Seaver went 4-for-4. Jerry Koosman even makes the list as one of the many players who stole just one base.

As a general rule, a player only adds value with stolen bases if he's successful at least 75 percent of the time. Among Mets players with 20 or more stolen bases for the team, 25 of them have been at least that successful. Can you name all of those players? Take the quiz using the link below!

Can you name the Mets' most efficient base stealers?

As always, you need only enter the player's last name to get a correct answer. Good luck, and please post your time and score in the comments! Remember to black out any of the answers by highlighting text in your comment and clicking the small grey spoiler button box.