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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 50

In the "Sid Fernandez was the best baseball player from Hawaii, unless you give extra credit for hilarious GIFs" edition, Jeffrey eats a burrito, Rob relives childhood trauma, and we talk a whole lot about the entire Davis family. There's also some chat about our favorite NHL '95 squads, replacement level shortstops, and perfect-world pitching scenarios.

Total Run Time: 1:06:58(!!)

On this week's episode...

Jeffrey is adjusting well to Connecticut life.

Rob has a sad video game story.

We both realize we don't actually write for the site anymore.

Jeffrey spills Eric's terrible secret.

We make fun of Shane Victorino.

We plead for a different replacement level shortstop.

Jeffrey tries to remember when exactly he wanted John Lannan on the Mets (it wasn't recently, let's put it that way).

We talk a lot about Ike Davis, and apparently other Davises.

Rob is really excited about introducing a new segment, and then proceeded to talk about said segment at length off air after we finished recording.

We discuss Ultimo Dragon.

Yeah...there really wasn't much Mets baseball news this week.

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