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Matt Harvey wants to pitch in 2014

The Mets might not let him, but Harvey hopes to be back this season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Mets ace Matt Harvey underwent Tommy John surgery in October, but he spoke to Daniel Barbasi of the Wall Street Journal today and said he has had no setbacks in his rehab and wants to return to the mound this season. Of course, the Mets might not let him pitch in a game late this season, especially if the team doesn't end up contending for at least one of the National League's wild card spots.

As far as recent Tommy John recoveries go, Stephen Strasburg and Mike Pelfrey are examples of the best-case scenario. Each pitcher got back to pitching in the big leagues in less than a year after undergoing the surgery.

Seeing Harvey back on the mound for the Mets this season would be an incredibly pleasant surprise. For now, it's good to hear that things are going well with Harvey's recovery. His return to action can't come soon enough.