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Mets Morning News: "What's the deal with shortstops? They're not actually short!"

Your Sunday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

Sandy Alderson spoke at the BBWAA awards dinner last night and threw in a few jokes about Masahiro Tanaka's contract with the Yankees. I'm picturing him getting a Seinfeld-esque sitcom after he leaves the Mets.

David Wright makes it his business to give back and Curtis Granderson does too. He also said that he doesn't regret his comment about true fans being Mets fans.

Josh Satin has been working on making himself playable in the outfield this year, asking Marlon Byrd for advice and getting in better shape. Hopefully he can make himself into a useful outfielder and utility man. HAIL!

Matt Harvey tweeted a picture of himself as a baby and he truly was the world's coolest baby.

Around the Majors

Sandy Koufax presented Clayton Kershaw with his Cy Young award, which is pretty awesome.

Carlos Zambrano threw some haymakers in a bench clearing brawl in Venezuela.

He's not a similar caliber pitcher but could Jaime Garcia be an alternative to teams wanting to acquire David Price?

Jeff Suliivan parsed an inning of Greg Maddux, looking at his command.

The Phillies' stats guy is now a full-time employee. I guess Ruben Amaro really liked having him go get his coffee in the morning and wanted to extend that to the afternoon.

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