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Keith Law ranks Mets farm system 6th in MLB

According to the esteemed baseball analyst, the Amazins have a bright future ahead of them.


It hasn't been easy going for Mets fans since Sandy Alderson took over the GM chair in late 2010. There have been too many losses and not enough sexy free agent signings. The team's play has suffered on the field as Alderson has made trades that make the Mets better in the future at the expense of the present.

Fans looking for a quick fix to the Mets were disappointed and frustrated that Alderson was treating the Mets like a small-market club even though they played in the country's biggest city. Meanwhile, the GM kept acquiring young talent.

It might soon be time for Sandy's plan to start paying dividends. ESPN baseball analyst and prospect expert Keith Law ranked the minor league systems (subscription required) of all 30 MLB clubs on Tuesday, and the Mets came in sixth, behind the Astros, Twins, Pirates, Cubs, and Red Sox. Law specifically highlights the Mets' trades of R.A. Dickey and Marlon Byrd, saying each one looks even better in hindsight.

From the Dickey trade alone, the Mets picked up two of the best prospects in the game in Noah Syndergaard and Travis d'Arnaud. Wilmer Flores, whose long-term position is currently unknown, and right-handed pitcher Rafael Montero are also among Mets prospects who are highly regarded by experts.

While 2014 will likely be an uphill climb for the Mets once again, the glowing reviews that the team's farm system has been getting are a great sign for 2015 and beyond.