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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 51

In the "I guess apparently this is the Mel Rojas edition" edition, it's slim pickings for both Mets news and Mets uniform numbers. That's never stopped Rob and Jeffrey before though. On the agenda for this week: disparaging the Dice-K chryon, considering whether Wilmer Flores or Rafael Montero are really top 100 prospects, quoting Billy Wagner w/r/t Jeff Wilpon and the Mets radio booth kerfluffle, and of course, Rob making a hash of the Mets trivia segment. We also answer you e-mails about making baseball more like soccer, how we evaluate prospects, Jeffrey's favorite David Bowie songs (okay, the e-mail wasn't technically about this), and platooning Daniel Murphy.

Run Time: 1:36:11

On this week's episode...

Jeffrey is a social media guru.

Rob spends too much time debating who should represent Episode 51.

We probably should have just cut and pasted the audio from last week discussing the John Lannan deal instead of spending time talking about the Dice-K deal.

We do make time to disparage the Dice-K clock though.

Prospect Listapalooza.

Are Montero and Flores Top 100 prospects?

Is Rafael Montero getting a bit overrated by Mets fans? (and not for the reason you think)

Juan Lagares knows how to party.

We're going to get letters.

Jeffrey has some Gabriel Ynoa news to share with the class.

We lament the lack of arbitration #hottakes.

Rob forgets to introduce the trivia segment at the beginning of the show again.

We discuss making baseball more like soccer.

Cory Vaughn vs. Cesar Puello

Jeffrey lists his favorite David Bowie songs while Rob wanders off to make a sandwich.

Jeffrey realizes in post that he forgot to mention his fifth-favorite David Bowie song (it's "Golden Years").

Platoon Avenue Audio.

Jeffrey tries to convince Rob to ditch his Mom on Broadway.

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