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Community Projection Review: John Buck

Did John Buck live up to expectations in 2013? Let's look back at the Amazin' Avenue community's preseason projections to find out.


John Buck community projection

PA: 319
HR: 9
BA: .227
OBP: .301
SLG: .379

Actual stats (with Mets)

PA: 407
HR: 15
BA: .215
OBP: .285
SLG: .367

Snippet from community projection post:

What can we expect from Buck? He's a 32-year-old catcher, an animal generally not known for aging well. However, his peripherals in 2012 (12.3% BB%, .155 Iso, .235 BABIP) hint that he may have been victimized by some bad luck.


If Buck can hit a few home runs, continue to throw out base stealers at about a league-average clip, and get along with the pitching staff, he could have a useful 2013 season.

Not bad, community projection. Buck played more than expected but overall the community wasn't far off.

Buck hit nine home runs in April, making a fine first impression after coming over from Toronto in the R.A. Dickey trade. This was welcome, considering d'Arnaud was expected to be called up sometime in June to take over starting duties. Maybe Buck's hot start would increase his trade value, too. However, d'Arnaud got hurt in late April and missed three months, so Buck stuck around as the starter longer than anticipated. Buck cooled off after his big April, posting an OPS of .592 with the Mets from May through August. He was traded to the Pirates in August along with Marlon Byrd, in exchange for Dilson Herrera and Vic Black.

National League catchers averaged a .687 OPS in 2013, so Buck's .652 OPS with the Mets was below average but not disastrous. He threw out 30% of base stealers, slightly better than the league-average rate of 28%. Getting Blanked's attempt at quantifying catcher defense rated Buck favorably, but Baseball Prospectus noted that Buck struggled with pitch framing. Also, he seemed like a generally good teammate and battery mate. I have generally pleasant memories of Buck's five months with the Mets.

Check back in February to participate in the 2014 Community Projections.