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Mets Trade Rumors: Brewers and Mets having trouble agreeing on Ike Davis

Doug Melvin says the Mets and Brewers haven't found a price for Ike.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a talk with the media today, Brewers' general manager Doug Melvin suggested that, although the Mets and Brewers are still talking about Ike Davis, there has been no agreement in what should be exchanged for the Mets' beleaguered first baseman.

The Mets had reportedly been asking for young pitching in exchange for Ike, but Melvin noted:

I think we’ve pretty well stood by - the one thing we’ve done - is we do not want to give up pitching.

Melvin could be in a bad spot, however, as the Brewers seem to not want to go into the year with Juan Francisco as the club's starting first baseman, and most other first base options have been taken off the board. Melvin also suggests that talks have continued, but neither team is seeing eye-to-eye on a price, adding:

We haven’t gotten to anything where we’re comfortable with the deal from our side, and he’s not been comfortable with the deal from his side

The talks with Melvin have been continued from the Winter Meetings, but within the past few weeks the Brewers told the Mets they were no longer interested in acquiring Ike Davis, though today's report retorts that.