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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 48

In the "Aaron Heilman was a pretty good reliever before he ruined all our lives forever" edition, Rob and Jeffrey cover all the Mets news of the last week. That takes about two minutes. So then we spend the next ninety minutes admiring Anthony Recker's ass (and twitter feeds devoted to said ass), discussing our favorite games of 2013, considering whether it is better to lose with Wright or win without him, ranking Mets Hall of Famers not named Tom Seaver, prognosticating the NL East, picking our first baseman of the future, looking at wikipedia video game timelines, not really talking about Matt Reynolds, and finally, wondering what we'd do with Kevin Mitchell on the 2014 Mets.

Run Time: 1:35:32

On this week's episode...

Jeffrey is old and cranky.

And is turning this podcast into a dictatorship, #HAIL

#48 will make you angry.

We uncover that the podcast is in fact an #unnamedsource.

A reminder that catching prospects don't always work out.

Jeffrey has an idea for Kirk if this whole baseball thing doesn't work out.

Baseball Hair Avenue Audio

A sonnet to Zack Wheeler's fastball movement

We will discuss Jenrry Mejia every week you know.

We finally clarify our official position w/r/t David Wright.

Jeffrey wants a goddamn world series title.

Way-too-early NL East predictions

Rob is not buying that the Braves are alive.

We surf wikipedia.

Prospect of the week: Matt Reynolds?

E-mails in real time!

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