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Tom Glavine: "Can't be totally surprised Piazza didn't get in"

The former Mets pitcher isn't shocked that Hall of Fame voters didn't vote in Mike Piazza last time around.

Mike Zarrilli

Around these parts, it is as clear as day: Mike Piazza should be in the Hall of Fame. He is the best hitting catcher of all time. There's no proof that he used steroids. Out there, it's different. Piazza doesn't have a World Series ring. He played during the Steroid Era. He maybe used steroids because he once had back acne, which is how we know what "bacne" is.

Now we can count former Mets pitcher Tom Glavine among those who doesn't think that Piazza is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Per Mike Puma, Glavine said of Piazza's candidacy, "[Was] he a first ballot Hall of Famer? I don't know. There are certain guys like that who are a little bit debatable."

Glavine also compared Piazza to Craig Biggio: "If you're not surprised that Biggio didn't get in with 3,000-plus hits, you can't be totally surprised [Piazza] didn't get in."

Glavine's comment about Piazza goes against what he told Alan Schartz of the New York Times about Piazza six years ago. Thanks to @nyyankeefanfore on Twitter for digging this up.

"He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, certainly the best hitting catcher of our era and arguably the best hitting catcher of all time."

Of course, back then Glavine probably thought that Craig Biggio's 3,000 hits would make him a shoe-in, as well.

Let's not make Glavine out to be a villain when the information he is dealing with changed between 2008 and today. Still, it would be nice if the pitcher backed up his former teammate the way Chipper Jones did with Greg Maddux:

The complete Hall of Fame Class of 2014 will be revealed on January 8 at 2:00 pm EST.