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Jeff Wilpon: Piazza a true Hall of Famer, congratulations to Glavine

The Mets' COO makes a statement on Mike Piazza's Hall of Fame candidacy.

Al Bello

With the news of Mike Piazza's denial to the National Baseball Hall of Fame for the second consecutive year, Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon made a statement a short while ago, saying:

"On behalf of the organization and our fans, Mike is a true Hall of Famer. We proudly display his plaque in the Mets Hall of Fame, and we’re hopeful that he’ll soon have one hanging in Cooperstown."

This is certainly a disappointing day for the Mets organization and fans. Mike Piazza is the greatest offensive catcher in the history of the game and is being denied entry to the Hall of Fame by writers who believe in a "guilty-until-proven-innocent" philosophy.

I think that the vast majority of Mets fans are in agreement with Jeff Wilpon's statement, but the road will not get easier for Piazza. The next few years will be filled with a number of top-tier candidates, and we can only hope that Mike Piazza will be giving a speech in Cooperstown sooner rather than later.

Wilpon also offered congratulations to Tom Glavine, who played for the Mets from 2003 through 2007, on his election to the Hall.