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Jacob deGrom and Travis d'Arnaud named to Baseball America All-Rookie Team

The battery represented two of the only three National League players to qualify.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

According to Baseball America, the Mets have a pretty good chance to take home a Rookie of the Year award for 2014. That's because the publication named only three National League players to its 15-man (nine batters, six pitchers) annual All-Rookie Team. Two of those three play for the Mets.

Travis d'Arnaud was honored as the catcher of the All-Rookie Team, while Jacob deGrom is named as the ace of the starting pitching staff.

Back in May, it would be hard to convince Mets fans that d'Arnaud would be among the top rookies in the majors. The backstop got off to a rough start at the plate and some began to wonder if he would ever live up to his top prospect status. After being sent down to Las Vegas in mid-June, d'Arnaud began to flourish in the big leagues, showing off a sweet power stroke and hitting .272/.319/.486 from June 24 until the end of the season.

deGrom is also someone who was off the Rookie of the Year radar back in May. That's because he didn't make his major league debut until the 15th day of that month. After a splendid debut against the Yankees, deGrom struggled with his control for a couple of months before really taking off with a 1.39 ERA in July. From there, it was pretty smooth sailing for the 26-year-old right-hander who consistently made pitching in the majors look way easier than it should ever look. It's no surprise that deGrom is the favorite to take home National League Rookie of the Year honors. His main competition for the award, Billy Hamilton, was the third NL player on BA's team.