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FOX Sports 1 to air sabermetric broadcast of NLCS Game 1

Kevin Burkhardt hosts the experimental take on televising a baseball game.

A few months ago, FOX Sports launched a new website, Just a Bit Outside, which features several well-known writers and partners with Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus, two giants in the analytical baseball world. Tonight, as Game 1 of the NLCS between the Giants and Cardinals airs on FOX, the JABO crew will broadcast the game in an entirely different way on FOX Sports 1.

SNY alum and star of This Week in SNY Kevin Burkhardt will host the broadcast, which will also include C.J. Nitkowski, Gabe Kapler, Rob Neyer, and Bud Black. The broadcast will be heavy on sabermetric stats, graphics, and live analysis of the situations at hand in the game. Neyer writes:

During the game, our panel will provide insight from every level of baseball, as well as real-time demos, extended replays, and breakdowns of storylines from Game 1. Perched atop a bedrock of data supplied by our various partners, we’ll analyze batter/pitcher match-ups, umpiring tendencies, defensive shifts, controversial calls, and the debatable managerial moves that seem to be the talk of nearly every game in October.

The game airs at 8:00 PM EDT tonight. Here's hoping the broadcast is as informative and entertaining as it sounds like it could be.