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Funding approved for Nationals and Astros to build spring training complex in Palm Beach

Good news for the Mets: They'll have spring training neighbors!

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Palm Beach County Commissioners voted today to approve funding for the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros to build a spring training complex in Palm Beach. The vote was 5-2, according to Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington. The Nationals and Astros must now find a plot of land in Palm Beach to build the complex. They have 90 days to do so.

Zuckerman writes:

A new stadium in Palm Beach County would leave the Nationals within a 30-minute drive of four other clubs: the Astros (who would be right on site), the Cardinals and Marlins (who train in Jupiter, at the north end of Palm Beach County) and the Mets in Port St. Lucie.

This is good and important  news for the Mets. If the vote failed, the teams may have left the east coast of Florida, which would have left the Mets, Cardinals, and Marlins as the only teams on the east coast. If all goes as planned, the Nationals and Astros would move in to the Palm Beach facility in 2017.