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Mets, Jeff Wilpon file papers in Castergine lawsuit

The club and its COO allege that the former sales executive was treated respectfully.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Last month we were treated to disturbing news that the former head of marketing for the Mets, Leigh Castergine, was suing the team because she was allegedly harassed for being single and pregnant. According to the lawsuit, the Mets eventually fired Castergine after she complained about the actions of COO Jeff Wilpon to the club's human resources department.

The suit is another black eye for a Mets organization that was already embarrassed for its involvement in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. Just like that episode, this lawsuit could effect the Wilpon family's ability to finance the Mets.

It's no surprise then, that Jeff Wilpon along with Sterling Mets have filed papers defending the executive and the team from any wrongdoing.

If Castergine was fired for some other reason, the Wilpons did not mention it. Sure, ticket sales haven't been great in recent years, but that has a lot to do with the Mets not fielding a highly competitive roster.

Since this is a lawsuit we're talking about, it likely won't be resolved soon. In the meantime, most of us will continue being Mets fans while wondering if the new MLB commissioner Rob Mafred will stand up against anti-female behavior like the NFL has made a point to after its own issues.