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We are accepting nominations for the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

Help us determine the nominations for the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards, which include categories such as Funniest Moment and Most Regrettable Moment.

Mike Stobe

Amazin' Avenue handed out The Piazzas last month, to honor the best and worst Mets players this past season, and this month we are presenting the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards. These won't be the standard BBWAA-type awards, like MVP and Rookie of the Year. Instead, the AA community will vote on the following categories:

  • Funniest Moment (example: Bartolo Colon's stomach jiggle)
  • Most Regrettable Moment (example: the "True New Yorker" loyalty oath)
  • Defensive Play of the Year (example: about 1,000 Juan Lagares catches)
  • Most Important Hit of the Year (example: Lucas Duda hits go-ahead, two-run home run against Francisco Rodriguez on July 25)
  • Best Pitching Appearance of the Year (example: Zack Wheeler shuts out the Marlins on June 19)
  • Team of the Year (this is the one non-Mets category -- please pick the best MLB team of 2014, using any criteria you like)

As opposed to the BBWAA-type awards, determining these winners will require more than glancing at a FanGraphs WAR leaderboard. It was a long season, and there is plenty to choose from in each category.

The Amazin' Avenue staff has come up with several worthy nominations in each category, but we would like to tap the wealth of knowledge in the community. Open up your minds and recall the 2014 Mets season. Please share any nominations in the comments below, and we will post a vote each day over the next couple of weeks.