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Reaction Roundup: Mets sign Michael Cuddyer

A collection of reactions to the Mets' surprise signing.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the Mets shocked the baseball world by signing 35-year-old Michael Cuddyer to a two-year, $21 million contract. Some folks seem to like the signing, while others seem to loathe it. So here's what folks are saying about the Mets bringing in David Wright's good friend to presumably play right field and potentially platoon with Lucas Duda at first base.

  • Marc Carig sums up the Mets' change in thinking in terms of giving up the first-round pick it took to sign Cuddyer.
  • Dave Schoenfield breaks down the case for the Mets signing Cuddyer and sees a team that can be in the thick of a playoff race if Matt Harvey pitches like he did in 2013.
  • Over at MetsBlog, Maggie Wiggin is sad to see the Mets' first-round draft pick go but doesn't mind that Mets prioritizing going for it, and Michael Baron likes the Mets' aggressiveness and the praise Cuddyer has received for his leadership.
  • Mark Simon breaks down the stats on Cuddyer over at ESPN New York.
  • D.J. Short says the Mets should sign another qualifying offer free agent now and go for it.
  • Keith Law took a break from his vacation to tweet "LOL Mets."
  • Dan Szymborski tweeted some grim ZiPS projections for Cuddyer's next two seasons now that he's on the Mets.
  • Rising Apple says Cuddyer lengthens the Mets' lineup and is happy to see the Mets get a player they wanted so early in the offseason.
  • Barry Srvluga of the Washington Post says the Mets made a move to go from 79-83 to, perhaps, 83-79.
  • C.J. Nitkowski likes the deal for the Mets, specificall because they acquired a talented hitter without giving up any of their current internal talent.
  • And last but not least, Jeffrey and Greg recorded a special edition of Amazin' Avenue Audio to talk about the signing.