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Mets Morning News: deGrom wins Rookie of de Year, Mets Cudd be setting themselves up nicely

Your Tuesday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

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Meet the Mets

Jacob deGrom is your 2014 National League Rookie of the Year! deGrom was noted as the heavy favorite in the past few weeks, and managed to take home quite a bit of hardware in the offseason. Congrats to Jacob, as he joins the ranks of Seaver, Matlack, Strawberry, and Gooden!

The Mets made a surprising move yesterday, as they went and signed Michael Cuddyer, despite the fact he was given a qualifying offer by the Rockies. Cuddyer had been the Mets top target prior to the qualifying offers being given out, but it was assumed that interest had waned since the Mets first round draft pick would have to be given up.

The Mets reportedly still have their hat in the ring in the Troy Tulowitzki trade talks, even if it seems to be a long-shot.

Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden gave their congratulations to Jacob deGrom.

Marc Carig wrote up a scouting report on Michael Cuddyer, and what we should expect.

Andy Martino writes that Michael Cuddyer is a good move, but it can't be the only move.

Dave Schoenfeld writes that there are a few reasons Michael Cuddyer makes sense for the Mets.

John Tomase writes about the ripple effect that the Cuddyer signing has on Yoenis Cespedes.

Joel Sherman says that signing Cuddyer was a gamble the Mets needed to take if they want to win in 2015.

Jeff Sullivan writes that the Cuddyer deal might not make too much sense from an analytical standpoint, but the Mets clearly aren't just looking at numbers.

The Denver Post compiled some Rockies reaction to Cuddyer leaving the team.

Adam Rubin spoke with Brian Cashman, who said that the shortstop trade market is "limited."

Lucas Duda started off the MLB All-Star's tour of Japan in left field. What could go wrong?

Baseball Prospectus ranked the top Mets prospects, and I bet you'll never be able to guess who is number one...

Around the NL East

The Phillies are reportedly going into fire-sale mode, as reports say that everyone is on the table.

The Royals are reportedly speaking to the Phillies about Ryan Howard, in a way that only Dayton Moore and Ruben Amaro could possibly speak.

Scott Gelman writes that resigning Giancarlo Stanton is a lot more important to the Marlins than any free agent.

The Braves are reportedly shopping Evan Gattis, although John Hart came out to say that it wasn't true.

Around the Majors

Jose Abreu took home the AL Rookie of the Year award in a unanimous vote. Congrats to the Cuban slugger on his great season!

Could Jon Lester be headed back to the Red Sox? That's what some baseball insiders seem to think.

Tommy Lasorda said that he doesn't believe that Clayton Kershaw, or any pitcher, deserves to win the MVP award.

The Cardinals are reportedly looking for a short-term answer in right field.

The White Sox could be looking to make a splash, as they seem to have interest in Pablo Sandoval and Max Scherzer.

Jerry Crasnick attempts to answer some of the offseason's biggest questions.

Eno Sarris takes a look at whether or not we should consider fouling off pitches a skill.

David Eckstein is making his post-baseball ends meet in an odd way, as he's started a sci-fi clothing company.

Yesterday at AA

Chris McShane rounded up the reactions to the Michael Cuddyer signing.

Jeffrey Paternostro and Greg Karam retreated to their bunker to record a special Michael Cuddyer edition of the podcast (Episode 92.5), as #MetsTwitter came down around them.

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