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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 93: The AAA AAOP extravaganza

AAOPs, corrections, Mets Trivia, a new jingle, and the world's shortest pop culture discussion all in one very long podcast.

Run Time: 1:49:27

In "The Ballad of Anthony Young" edition, Jeffrey and Greg and Chris and Rob(!!!) all sit down to discuss their Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plans. Greg likes Michael Saunders, Jeffrey is banking of Aaron Hicks, Rob likes Cargo (shockednotshocked), Chris opts to totally cheat, and everyone votes for Puello. With that dispatched, we head to your e-mails on TRAIDS, guys vs. dudes, and a whole bunch of shortstops, complete with the debut of the promised 2014-15 update of Shortstop Avenue Audio. Finally, Jeffrey tries to have a topical pop culture discussion about "Too Many Cooks," but that goes nowhere.

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