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Vote for the funniest Mets moment of 2014

Keith Hernandez, Bartolo Colon, and 50 Cent are featured in some of the nominees for funniest Mets moment of 2014.

Alex Goodlett

Today we kick off voting for the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards. We won't be voting in traditional BBWAA categories like MVP and Rookie of the Year. Those will be discussed ad nauseam elsewhere. Instead, each team's blog will determine winners in categories like Most Regrettable Moment and Best Pitching Appearance. The first category is Funniest Moment.

Here are the nominees, in chronological order.

A mural of Keith Hernandez

Likely inspired by the movie Dodgeball, here is Keith Hernandez taking the bull by the horns.


Bartolo Colon jiggles it

Colon was feeling satisfied in the dugout after a strong outing against the Braves in early April. Jiggle it, just a little bit.

Keith Hernandez impressed by, umm, a hot dog

Surprise, surprise, it's Keith again. I'll present this video without commentary.

50 Cent's atrocious first pitch

Jusssssst a bit outside. If he can't do it, homie it can't be done.

Perhaps even funnier was this 50 Cent/Bartolo Colon mash-up, courtesy of @MetsKevin11.

The Hunter Pence signs

In what became a minor Internet sensation, Mets fans trolled Hunter Pence during a Mets-Giants series at Citi Field in August with some clever signs.

Hunter Pence Eats Pizza With A Fork

Hunter Pence Can't Parallel Park

Hunter Pence Likes Godfather Three

It was a funny, seemingly-grassroots idea, but I hope it doesn't make its way into 2015. Leave it in 2014, where we can remember it fondly.

Marcell Ozuna bombs his own dugout

Ozuna plays for the Marlins, but this bit of hilarity took place in a game against the Mets. In an early September matchup in Miami, David Wright singled up the middle with the bases loaded. All three runners scored, the third thanks to this throwing error committed by Ozuna. Bombs away!

Mets beat writer Anthony DiComo jinxes no-balk streak

DiComo tweeted the following during game 158 of the season in late September:

Almost immediately after DiComo hit send, Dillon Gee committed a balk:

It's probably more "amazing" than "funny," but I think it should be included nonetheless.

There are the nominees, folks. Vote for your favorite in the poll below.